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How to enable your buylist for your website, change the buylist prices and be copied into buylist confirmation emails

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Restock > Buylist Settings Tab Overview

To set up or adjust the buylist settings in your admin, go to the Restock > Buylist Settings Tab in the admin.

On this page, you can do the following:

  1. Enable Buylist

Check this box to make the buylist active. If this box is unchecked, it will not allow customers to access the buylist page on your website. It will also disable the rest of the pages on the Restock admin page if unchecked.

2. Buylist Store Credit Multiplier

This field is used to offer a different price when paying out in store credit instead of cash. The base buy price you set for your products will always be the cash price. Whatever number you enter into this field will be multiplied by the base buy price to determine the store credit buy price.

For example, if you want to offer a 20% increase in what you pay customers if they choose store credit, enter 1.2 into this field.

3. BCC Buylist Confirmation Emails?

Check this box to have a copy of all buylist emails sent to your "Store Buylist Email", which is entered on the Frontend tab of your Account page.

4. Cancel Un-Received Buy Orders?

If you want buy orders to be canceled automatically after sitting in "Awaiting Products" status for too long, check this box. This will open up a field where you can set how many days the system should wait before auto-canceling a buy order.

5. Email Buy List Customer if Waiting for Buy Order Products?

If you want customers to receive an automated email reminding them to send in the products for their buy order, check this box. Checking it will open up a field where you can enter how many days the system should wait before sending the email.

6. Payments accepted

You can check the boxes for the payment methods you wish to enable for paying out buy orders. for example, if you just have PayPal and Store Credit checked, then the customer will only have those two options and not "Check" when choosing payment method during checkout.

Once you are done editing your buylsit settings, click "Save Buylist Settings" to save your changes.

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