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Troubleshooting Common Mass Create Errors
Troubleshooting Common Mass Create Errors

An explanation of the errors that can show up on the notifications page after uploading a csv via mass create.

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If you are using the Mass Create tool to make updates to your inventory, a notification will appear when the system has finished processing your csv. Either it will tell you that it was completed successfully, or it will give you an error message if it encountered a problem.

The following are the most commonly seen error message we have come across, and how to fix them:

  1. X Products were missing.

This will appear in the blue notification when an import completes successfully. If some of the product names on the csv don't match exactly with product names in your inventory, they will be skipped over.

If you go to the "Generated Reports" tab on the black menu bar, you can download a report of these products that were skipped over to either correct the names, or adjust them manually. The name of this report will show up as either "Custom Product Update for multiple categories" or "Custom Product Update for [category]" under the "Description" column.

2. Import failed due to Missing category [category name]

This error will appear if the category name on your csv doesn't match a category name in your admin. To solve this find the correct category name on your Inventory page, and then use "Find and Replace" in excel to change all instances of the incorrect category to the correct one. Note that the mass create tool is case sensitive, so the capitalization has to match exactly.

3. File is empty

You will get the "File is empty" error if your csv file doesn't have any matching product names to your inventory and you are updating only.

4. Skipped non-unique categories: [category name]

If you are using mass create to import into into multiple categories, this warning will appear if you have two categories in your system that have the identical names. Because the mass create doesn't know which category to look in, it will skip those line items.

To correct this, go to your Inventory > Categories page, and update one of the identical category names so that they are both Unique. Then, you will want to upload a csv that only includes the products from that category (since the other products on the csv will have been updated already)

5. Skipped unknown fields: ,,,,,

This warning will appear if you deleted just the contents of the extra columns from an inventory export and not the columns themselves. Since this is just a warning, the import will still go through successfully. If you want to make sure this warning doesn't appear in the future, make sure to delete the columns themselves in excel by highlighting them, right clicking, and then selecting "Delete" from the right-click menu.

6. Category is missing descriptor Category

This error will appear if you have a column named "Category" on your csv, but you are choosing a specific category in step 1 of mass create.

To solve this, either remove the "Category" column from your csv, or check the box for "This import contains multiple categories" and attempt the import again.




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