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Reading Import Errors and Adding Descriptors and Descriptor Values
Reading Import Errors and Adding Descriptors and Descriptor Values

How to get the import to work when you run into the "missing descriptors" error on the import page.

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When importing, you may run into errors that prohibit products from being imported:

In step 1 of the import process, you select what category of our catalog you would like to import products from. This moves the process to step 2, where you will see a list of descriptors, and have the opportunity to search for the products you would like to import. This full list of descriptors must exist in your product type (spelled and capitalized correctly) for the import to proceed. If any descriptors are missing, you will likely get a red error message at the top of the import page.

To fix this error (or to avoid it when setting up a new product type), you will need to mirror the entire list of descriptors in step 2 of the import process in the appropriate Product Type. To see which Product Type must be updated, you will need to double-check what Product Type is assigned to the category that gave you the import error. (Find that category in your Inventory > Categories page and see what product type is assigned to it.)

Note: since the category I was trying to import to is called Card Sleeves, I go to Inventory > Categories and expand my Accessories parent category so that I can see the Card Sleeves subcategory. I click on it, and double-check what my product type for that category is.

Once you know what product type you have to edit, you'll go to Inventory > Types and click on the name of the Product Type. Click the down arrow in the horizontal Descriptors box, and scroll to the bottom of any current descriptors you have. Click the New Descriptor Button.

Now just make sure that the descriptors you have here match the descriptors that are listed on the import page in step 2, and/or in the error message.

Note: Remembering the two descriptor values that are necessary to import these products, I head over to the Inventory > Types page and edit the product type that is missing those descriptors. Clicking to expand the descriptors area, I add them and then click Save Product Type at the bottom of the page.

This import will now run without any issue!

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