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Banner Manager Product Type Troubleshooting
Banner Manager Product Type Troubleshooting

Setting the proper descriptors on your banner manager product type

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If you do not see the proper descriptors when you create a new banner product in the correct Banner Manager category in your inventory, there are two possible reasons.

  1. The Banner Manager product type is not assigned to the category that you are creating the new banner in.

While it is possible to have more than one banner manager product type, it is best to have just one and to assign that type to all categories that contain banners. To check what product type is assigned to a category, go to Inventory > Categories. Select the category in your admin where you were attempting to create the product, and click on the blue name link for that category. In the expanded category info, you will be able to see what product type is selected. Make sure it's the banner manager product type!

2. The correct product type is assigned, but the appropriate descriptors do not exist in the Banner Manager product type.

All banners in the Crystal Commerce banner manager are products. Like any product in your Crystal Commerce inventory, the associated product type must contain all of the correct bits of information in order to function properly. The correct descriptors and the required values for those descriptors are shown in the following image, and listed in a format that is easy to copy and paste below. These will all need to appear in your Banner Manager product type in order for tagged banners to appear on your site.

Note: All values must be copied and pasted individually. Copying and pasting the entire list of values (with commas) will create one giant value, which is not supported.

Descriptor        Values
Alternate Text        No Values
Banner Size        Square 250x250, Wide Skyscraper 160x600, Billboard 720x300 ,                                    Leaderboard 728x90, Full Banner 468x60, Square 266x266                                            Slider 851x320, Leaderboard 850x180                                              

Disable After Date (mm/dd/yyyy)    No Values
Disable On Date (mm/dd/yyyy)       No Values
Link                                                   No Values
Show Only                                        All Pages, All Product Pages, Home,
                                                          Buylist Mode, Not Buylist Mode, News                                                                                  Advanced Search, Multi Search, Other
Show Only On (Other)                     No Values

Finally, do not forget to create a Variant, a variant value, and then Save the Product Type.

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