How to Mass Create Custom Products

How to create many products at once in your inventory using the mass create tool

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Inventory data that is organized into a properly-formatted CSV file may easily be uploaded into the CrystalCommerce system to create custom products. First, it is important to understand some of the limitations of Custom Products, as well as how CSV data is imported into our system.

Custom Products Overview Article

"Product Name" is the only required column header in a Mass Create CSV, as each product in your inventory must have a name. However, it is possible to add more column headers and include a greater amount of information about the custom products. A complete list of possible column headers to use can be found below

Product Name           Text or numeric values accepted
Description                Text or numeric values accepted
Barcode                     Text or numeric values accepted
Manufacturer SKU     Text or numeric values accepted
Weight                        Only numeric values accepted
Sell Price                    Only numeric values accepted
Buy Price                    Only numeric values accepted
Photo URL                  URL of image for photo (only specify one per product name)
MSRP                          Only numeric values accepted
Max Qty                      Only numeric values accepted
ASIN                            Text or numeric values accepted
Tax Exempt                 Either Yes, No, or leave this field blank
Domestic Sale Only        Either Yes, No, or leave this field blank
Opt Qty                       Only numeric values accepted

Any other descriptors specific to the product type can be included as column headers as well.

To upload your Mass Create CSV:

  1. Go to Inventory > Mass Create

  2. Select the category where you would like to create the products using the multi-select lists at the top of this page.

  3. Using the button at the bottom of the page, select your file from your computer's hard disk.

  4. Select the appropriate "Create/Update" option from the list at the bottom. In the case of creating products, it is usually best to leave this "Create/Update" option selected.

  5. Click Mass Create

The job to create these items will go into the queue, and you will receive a notification once it has completed.

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