Pitfalls to Avoid in the Admin

Common pitfalls and troubleshooting when using your admin

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Pitfalls to Avoid in the Admin

The following are some of the most common detrimental mistakes we've seen users make on our system as well as some existing issues. This isn't a comprehensive list of mistakes/issues, but these are the ones that can have the biggest negative impact on your inventory and eBay seller rating.

1. The eBay > Current Page:
The eBay > Current page shows all auctions that have ever been posted through your admin, not just the ones that are currently active. This means that if you have been listing auctions for a while, most of the line items that show up on this page are not actual “current” auctions. The listings on this page that have actually sold successfully will just have the “Time Left” countdown reset perpetually.
You can abandon auctions on this page, but be aware that this will add the quantities back into your inventory. Because of this, we recommend that you only cancel the unsold auctions that show up in red instead of green. These unsold auctions may also be reposted to eBay if you would not like to abandon them.

2. Abandoned, Uncanceled POS Orders:
Closing a POS window without canceling or completing the current order will not automatically void that order. This means that any quantities in that POS cart will still be removed from inventory. To keep your inventory current, we recommend going to the “Point of Sale” tab on the “Account” page and setting the number of days at which the system will automatically cancel in checkout POS orders.

3. Batch Updating:
Batch updating based on Market price is NOT the same thing as batch updating based on MSRP. Be careful not to choose MSRP when updating singles pricing. Since the default MSRP for all singles (Magic, Yugioh, Pokemon, etc) is $0.00, it will most likely result in you setting all your prices to $0.00.
Doing a batch update to set the qty to a specific number for all products in a search should also be done with extreme caution, because these batch updates are not easy to correct. You could end up having to recount your inventory or paying for developer time to reverse the batch update (if possible).

4. eBay Awaiting Payment Orders:
There is a rounding issue that can send paid eBay orders to "Awaiting Payment" status instead of "Payment Received" status. Our system only pulls in eBay orders that have been marked as "paid" in eBay, so if you see any eBay orders in "Awaiting Payment" with a payment amount that is a few cents less that the order amount, you can safely move those to "Payment Received" status and ship them. Here is an example of how this rounding error works:

1. Customer buys an ebay auction/store listing of 4x cards for $6.50
2. When the order gets sent to our system, the invoice created in the CrystalCommerce admin calculates the cost per qty. In this case price per qty is $6.50 / 4 = $1.625, rounded to $1.63 per item.
3. The order uses that per item price to calculate the order total in our system, in this case, $1.63 x 4 = $6.52
4. Since the customer actually paid $6.50, that amount gets logged under the "Payments and Coupons" section. This is $.02 lower than the calculated order amount, and the order gets put into "Awaiting Payment."

Because of this, if you are integrated with eBay, you should make sure to check your awaiting payment orders every day to move these orders over until this issue can be fixed.

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