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Channels > Amazon > Create AmazonMWS Listings Tab Overview
Channels > Amazon > Create AmazonMWS Listings Tab Overview

How to list products to Amazon. Batch updating products to list to Amazon.

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Channels > Amazon > Create AmazonMWS Listings Tab Overview

After you have setup your Amazon account to link with the admin, you can begin syncing products to your Amazon Account. You do this from the Channels > Amazon page.

Note: Clients conducting business outside of the United States will not be able to sync their Amazon account to CrystalCommerce.

There are two ways to list products to Amazon. Individually or though Batch updates.


You want to search up the product by name, or use any of the search criteria to narrow your results.

Once you have the product in the search results, you would hit the Manage button, and expand out the Variant options.

For each Condition and Language, there will be a List button. You would click the List button to list that condition of the product to Amazon.

Batch Updates:

With a Batch Update, you can list entire categories/product lines to amazon.

First you want to select the Category of products you want to list. In this Example, let's use Magic Singles.

Above the list of Categories, there's a drop down option for Product Type. If there is not anything selected in the Product Type drop down, you want to make sure you select the corresponding Product Type to the Category you select. In this case, it would also be Magic Singles.

Once you select the product Type, you should have a list of the Conditions, and Languages in the top right.

Select the Conditions and Languages you want to list to Amazon. Near Mint, Light Play, English.

In the Batch Listing section, mark "List on Amazon"

Hit Batch Update.

For an overview of the Amazon Tab Click Here

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