How to Batch Update

Using batch update tool on the inventory page. Setting prices or quantities in bulk.

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How to Batch Update

The Batch Update tool is a great way to save time. By making changes to a large amount of products at once you are able to free up your time to other important activities.

It’s always good to remember that batch updates cannot be reversed. Once submitted, the update will go through. Because of this, it is always a good practice to double even triple check your settings before submitting the batch update. Once you click the Batch Update button, you will get another opportunity to see the changes that the update will make with the batch update Pop Up window. It explains all the search options used, the changes it will make, and the fact that it is irreversible. If something is not correct, you should hit the Cancel button. This is the last chance you will have to verify the update before it is submitted. If at some point you still made a mistake and you really need to correct it, g the Inventory > Batch Update tab, repeat search and do another batch update to correct your mistake.

Using Magic Singles as an example, let’s go over the two most common Updates made with the Batch Update tool. Quantities, and Prices.

For Prices:

  1. Select the Magic Singles category.

  2. In the Batch Update section, click the Products button.

  3. Select the first Checkbox.

  4. In the drop down select “Set Sell Price to % of market price”

  5. In the empty field to the right , enter the percentage you want to use, 100.

  6. Click Batch Update.

    This update would set the Sell Price of all products using the Magic Singles product type to 100% of the market price. There are other options in the Products section you can set with a batch update. Max Qty, Buy Price, Tags, Brand, and In store only. You would update those options in a similar way. Just search the products you want to affect, and setup the update.

    For Quantities (stock, reserve, opt):

  1. Select the Magic Singles Product Type.

  2. In the Top right, you will have a list of the Conditions, and Languages available with Magic Singles. You would select the conditions, and languages you want to adjust. Like Near Mint, and English. (Whenever you’re adjusting quantities, you need to select at least one from each list. Quantities on a product are set per condition/language. So the system would not know what to change if one or neither were selected.)

  3. In the Batch Update section, make sure you’re on the Variants option, by clicking the Variants button.

  4. Select the first checkbox, and choose Set Qty to, and put 1 in the field.

  5. Hit Batch Update.

    This update will set all the Near Mint, English variant, of products set to the Magic Singles product type to 1.

    There’s a lot of other options for things you can change with a batch update. In the Variants section you also have the options for Reserve Qty, Opt Quantity, and Use Defaults. You would setup the Batch Update in the same manner, selecting Variants to make changes to variants of products all at once.

With both product and variant updates, you can use the the search fields to narrow down what products you are affecting. The batch update will take use of any fields filled in.

Once the Batch Update is in queue, it may take a bit before the server processes the Batch Update. If you click the Batch Updates link in the Admin, you will get a list of all the batch updates submitted through the admin, and their status.

You can enqueue multiple updates at once, but they are not guaranteed to run in any particular order. So if you have an update that is dependent upon another finishing first, you want to wait till that update is processing, and then submit the next update.

Batch updates cannot be canceled. Once enqueued, it will run, and there's nothing we can do to stop or undo it. We strongly recommend to double check the options you have selected on the pop up, and hit cancel if it's not the update you want.

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