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Account > Billing Tab Overview
Account > Billing Tab Overview

How to view bills and invoices from Crystalcommerce itemized billing information

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Account > Billing Tab Overview

You can track all of your invoices in your admin. To view your invoice numbers and billed amounts, please follow these steps:

  1. Within the Admin, select the Account Tab

  2. Select Billing, where you will see your Billing charges laid out chronologically

When does Billing occur?

  • The transaction fees are charged weekly on Mondays; based on all the orders you shipped the previous Monday through Sunday.

  • The monthly fee is charged every first of the month.

  • Graphic Design is charged at the end of the current month when the request is fulfilled.

*Please note the below is a video for Admin 1.0. The content within is only slightly different to Admin 2.0 and is still useful!

Account > Billing Tab Training Video

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