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Advertising > Wishlist Tab Overview
Advertising > Wishlist Tab Overview

An overview of the wishlist

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Advertising > Wishlist Tab Overview

Any product that appears on your site that is out of stock will appear with an "Add to Wishlist" button where the "Add to Cart" button would normally appear.

If a customer clicks this button, that product is added to the list of wishlisted items in the Advertising > Wishlist Tab.

Once the product comes back into stock, any customer with that product on their wishlist will automatically receive an email informing them that the product is available for purchase.

Finding who wishlisted an item
When viewing the Advertising > Wishlists page, you can click on the name of any item on the list. This will pull up a list of all the customers who have added that item to their wishlist.

Making Updates from the wishlists page
On the Wishlists page, you can adjust the buy and sell prices of wishlisted items. This is useful for when you want to increase your buy prices for just items that have been added to your wishlist, so you can get them in stock faster.

Removing items from the wishlist
A customer can remove items from their wishlist if they no longer want to be notified when it goes back in stock. They can log into their customer account on your website, and go to their wishlists page under the account links. On this page it will display the items on their wishlist, each of which will have a link to remove it.

Note: Only customers are able to remove items from their wishlists. They cannot be removed from a customer's account through the admin.

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