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Refer A Friend Feature Overview
Refer A Friend Feature Overview

How to use the Refer-A-Friend system, so customers can get rewarded for referring others to your website.

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Refer A Friend

The Refer-A-Friend is a great feature that your customers can utilize to help spread the word about your store and gain you some new clientele.

To enable Refer-A-Friend:

1. In your admin, navigate to Account > Preferences > Store

2. Check the box for "Enable Refer a Friend?"

3. Go to your Advertising > Coupons page.

4. Create a New Coupon with the following parameters:

  • Coupon Code: Refer-a-Friend

  • Check the box for "Auto-apply at checkout?"

  • Conditions: If customer was referred

  • Reward: A fixed discount on the order of $5

Note: for more info about coupons, see our Coupons help article.

How Your Customers Can Use Refer-A-Friend Once Enabled

Your customers must be logged in to refer someone. When enabled, there will be a button for Refer-A-Friend with the rest of their account links at the top of the site. The customer will enter the email for the person they would like to refer, and an email will be sent to that address letting them know that they may now use the refer-a-friend benefit if they make a purchase. Benefits for Refer-A-Friend are as follows:

  • The referred customer will receive a $5 off coupon on their first order (as set up by the coupon).

  • Your existing customer (referrer) will automatically receive 10% of the referred customer's order total back in store credit once the referred customer's order is marked as shipped. 10% is the default amount provided, but this can be changed under Accounts >> Preferences >> Store when you enable the Refer a friend option.

Tracking Refer-A-Friend Results

To see an overview of your Refer-A-Friend program results, navigate to the Advertising > Refer-A-Friend Tab. This will have a list of the customer referring, who they have referred, and what reward they have earned from doing so.

Refer-A-Friend Training Video

For an overview of the Advertising Tab Click Here

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