Advertising > Coupons Tab Overview

Overview of how to create coupons on our system and the different options available when creating them

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Advertising > Coupons Tab Overview

Coupons in your CrystalCommerce admin can be set up to offer benefits to your online customers.

We offer a full range of coupon bonus options, and a variety of coupon application conditions as well.

By default, coupons require a code to by entered in checkout to receive the benefits, but they may also be set to auto-apply upon checkout as well.

To Create a Coupon:

  1. Navigate to Advertising > Coupons

  2. Click the "+ New" link at the top of the list of coupons. If there are currently no coupons, this button will appear above an empty table.

  3. Set your coupon based on the preferences described below:

Coupon Details and Restrictions:

Each coupon created in your CrystalCommerce admin will always need a Coupon Code and a Description. The code will be the code that is entered in at checkout in order to activate the coupon, and the description is intended to briefly describe the coupon for the benefit of admin users.

You may choose to have a coupon automatically apply (to automatically apply the benefits without having to enter any code) by selecting that option here. You may also restrict the conditions for applying this coupon to an order with other coupons already applied. You may stipulate that this coupon may be applied with any other coupon, or only applied with shipping discount coupons, or not allowed with other coupons.

The restrictions area allows you to limit the number of times a coupon may be redeemed, when it expires, and what categories are excluded from the benefits of the coupon. The top two check boxes allow you to disable the coupon for either domestic or international shipping addresses.

Coupon Conditions:

  • If a cart contains 1 or more items from a specific category: Client must specify an exact category name (case sensitive) as a coupon condition.

  • If cart total meets or exceeds minimum amount: Client must specify a dollar amount of 1 or greater as the minimum dollar amount as a coupon condition.

  • If customer has spent at least this amount: Client must specify a minimum total amount from previous order history as a coupon condition. Additionally, a second field allows for a maximum amount to be specified to create a tiered customer rewards system. Different rewards may be specified based on the customers total purchase history (3 percent increase in store credit between $100-199 order history, 5 percent increase in store credit between $200-299, etc).

  • If a coupon is used in a specific time range: Client must specify a date and specific time range (on the 24 hour clock) for the coupon to apply. Coupon may be applied to an order only if the order is placed and paid for within the given time period.

  • If a customer was referred: Coupon may apply only if the "Refer a Friend" email link. Customer may only be referred through the referral page on your website. Any customer referral coupon should be set to auto-apply at checkout.

Coupon Rewards:

  • Percent discount on shipping: Discounts a single shipping option by a certain percentage.

  • Fixed discount on the order: Applies a flat discount to the order.

  • Percent discount on the order: Applies a percentage-based discount that scales with the order total.

  • Fixed increase in store credit: Adds a flat amount to the customer's store credit.

  • Percent increase in store credit: Adds a percent of the order total to the customer's store credit.

Note: Increments in store credit takes place after the order is marked as shipped. They will not appear in the customer's account before that point.

Coupon Training Video:

For an overview of the Advertising Tab Click Here.

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