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Where to view and process in store pickup orders in your admin

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Orders > Pickup Tab Overview

When a customer chooses the "In-Store Pickup" shipping option during checkout on your direct website, the order they place can be set to go into an order status called "Pickup." This makes it so that in-store pickup orders are not mixed in with your other direct website orders that need to be mailed out when printing invoices and filling the day's orders.

The "Pickup" status is an organizational order status, similar to "Hold" status. As such, it can contain orders that are "Awaiting Payment," "Payment Received," or "Processing." In the screen shot below, you can see that there are two awaiting payment orders as well as a payment received and a processing order in "Pickup" status:

Orders in Pickup status can be processed just like any order. You can close them directly on the orders page or in the POS if they are awaiting payment.

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