Buyorder Mode in the POS

How do use your POS Buylist; buying products from your customers in the point of sale

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Buyorder Mode in the POS

The buy order mode in the POS is a useful tool that allows an easy way for you to buy products from your customers.

Accessing the Buyorder Mode in the POS

  1. When you're in the POS on the bottom right of the screen click the menu button.

  2. Select New Buy Order.

Features of the Buyorder Mode

  • Search Bar (Top left): Allows you to search for a specific product in your inventory.

  • Filter by Category: Refine your search to a specific category.

  • Sort: The order in which the products are displayed.

  • Not Buying button: Toggles your POS to display all products in your admin or only products on your buylist.

  • Customer Quick Find: Allows a quick way to find a customers account and information.

  • Buy Order Details: Displays the subtotal of the buy order, in the amount of cash or store credit.

  • Green Items box (Bottom left): Display all products in the cart.

  • Orange Guest box: Allows you to search for a customer or create a new one.

Completing Buy Order Checkout:

1. Add the items you are buying from the customer to the POS Buy Order cart
2. Assign a customer to the order. For more info on this, go here
3. Choose your payment method from the dropdown menu. Note that the "Account" option can only be chosen if a customer account has been selected.
4. Enter the payment amount. If you click "Max", it will automatically apply the buy order total, factoring in your buylist store credit multiplier if you have one.
5. Click "Complete Payment".
6. Click "Skip Grading" if you want to send the order directly to 'Completed' status and have all the quantities added right away. Otherwise, just click "New Sale", and then you can grade the order and complete it on the Restock page in your admin.

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