Checking out on the POS

How to complete an order through the Point of Sale System

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Checking out on the POS

In the following video, we will go over how to find/create a customer,how to toggle the tax, how to apply a discount to the order as a whole, and an overview of each of the payment tabs.

Features of the POS

  • Search Bar (Top left): Allows you to search for a specific product in your inventory.

  • Filter by Category: Refine your search to a specific category.

  • Sort: The order in which the products are displayed.

  • Out of Stock Button: Toggles to display only products in stock, or all products with or without stock in your admin.

  • Add Custom Line Item: Allows you to add a custom line item to the order.

  • Customer Quick Find: Allows a quick way to find a customers account and information.

  • Buy Order Details: Displays the subtotal of the buy order, in the amount of cash or store credit.

  • Green Items box (Bottom left): Display all products in the cart.

  • Orange Guest box: Allows you to search for a customer or create a new one.

Note: Custom line items will not be added to your inventory in the admin. They will be used only for the order you are processing.

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