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Account > Locations Tab Overview

Your Account > Locations Tab will be one of the first sections you fill out when opening your store. It contains important information that pertains to the location of your store as well as the information that will display on your main website. In the Locations tab you can edit the specific store location and change the following options:

  • Name: The name of your store which will appear at the top of your Homepage

  • Contact Email: The contact email that will appear on your Homepage

  • Location Type: This will be set to Retail

  • Address Information: The address of your physical store, which will display in the lower corner of your website

  • Phone: The contact number for customers to call with their questions or concerns, which will appear in the lower corner of your website

  • Time Zone: The time zone that your store is located in

  • Store Hours: The hours that your physical store is open for business 

  • Vanity domain url: Fill this out ONLY if you have your own domain name and it is properly connected to your CrystalCommerce store. For example, Do not enter a CrystalCommerce subdomain (e.g. This URL is used for various purposes, notably to confirm the domain name which will be loading certain widgets such as the Twitch embed.

  • Blog rss URL: Insert the URL of your blog homepage (not the actual RSS feed)

  • Facebook URL: The URL to your Facebook page (without a trailing /)

  • Instagram URL: The URL to your Instagram page (without a trailing /)

  • Pinterest URL: The URL to your Pinterest boards (without a trailing /)

  • Twitch URL: The URL to your Twitch channel (without a trailing /)

  • Twitter URL: The URL to your Twitter feed (without a trailing /)

  • YouTube URL: The URL to the homepage of your YouTube channel. (without a trailing /)

  • YouTube embed URL: An embed URL to a single video, or a playlist, NOT an iframe embed code or any other code or links. The embed URL will have /embed/ in the path of the URL. See point 2 in the Notes section below for more info.

  • Discord URL: The URL to your Discord profile

  • Google Calendar ID: Add your Google Calendar ID here

  • Google Calendar API Key: Add your Google Calendar API Key here

  • Newsletter action URL: The "action" portion of your newsletter signup code. (See point #5 in the Notes section below for help with this.)

  • Site Logo: Click Choose File to load your store logo (file format should be JPG or PNG, optimized for web, and not too large in dimensions or file size)

  • Favicon: Click Choose File to load your favicon/browser tab image

  • Wizards Internet Retailer: Adds a WOTC Authorized Internet Retailer logo into the footer of your site.

For all URL links which you enter in the Location tab, remove any trailing slashes. For example, instead of "" it would be ""


1. There is a Store Hours (New) section that is still being developed for future functionality. Stay tuned!

2. To embed a YouTube Playlist use the format below and replace the "[add playlist ID]" with the ID of a playlist (see screenshot showing how to find the playlist ID). It could even be from someone else's channel.[add play list id].

To embed a single Video, go to the video on YouTube, click the "Share" option, click the "Embed" option, then copy ONLY the URL within the quotes after "src="

3. Depending on your website, you may or may not need to use the Google Calendar ID and API Key fields.

4. The URL fields are for widgets on your e-commerce website. Depending on your website design, some of these widgets may not be available.

5. Newsletter action URL: First note is that not all newsletter providers are supported by our newsletter form widget, because the signup actions vary from provider to provider. Currently verified providers are Mad Mimi, Mail Chimp, though some others may work if the action URL format is similar. Sign in to your email newsletter service provider. Create a signup form, then get the HTML markup for the form. (It must be the HTML form version - you cannot use JS forms which are dynamically created when the page loads). Within that code, there should be a "form" element, and within the form there should be a quoted section relating to the "action." It will be a URL string of characters with identifying info that allows the signup form to relate the signups to your newsletter service account. For example, a Mad Mimi action might look like this: "". Put your signup form action URL into the Newsletter action URL field in the location panel, then click the 'Save' button on that page.

Account > Locations Tab Training Video

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