Account > Store > Notification Tab

How to set up automated email notifications

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Account > Store > Notification Tab

The Notification tab is where the system notifies you and your customers for scenarios specified below.

The "Days after shipped order... feedback email" setting will determine when the system will send order feedback emails to your customers.

If you check the "Enable BuyOrder Notifications?" and "Enable Order Notifications?" boxes, the system will send notifications when you receive buyorders and orders from customers.
The “Email Customer if Waiting for Payment? After X Days” setting will email a customer that you are still awaiting payment for their order after the number of days you enter in that field.
The “Enable Reserved Quantity Notifications?” will email you when a product’s quantity drops lower than the reserve quantity. This is important because when a product has a higher or equal quantity as the product’s quantity, that product will not show up on any online integration (Amazon, TCGplayer, etc.), the product will only show in the POS.

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