Account > Store > Point of Sale Preferences

Where to set up general POS settings. clerk mode pin, cancel in-checkout orders, receipt settings

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Account > Store > Point of Sale Tab

The Point of Sale tab is where you will setup the controls for the Point of Sale System, including: the clerk mode pin, when in-checkout orders will auto cancel, the thank you message for your orders/buyorders, and where to upload an image for your receipts.

The first setting is the “Clerk Mode 4-Digit Pin” where you will establish a four digit pin that will allow you to switch out of customer mode to clerk mode in the POS.

Below that setting is the “In checkout orders should cancelled in days” setting, this is where you will set how many days the system will allow an in checkout order from the POS to stay in the system.

It’s important to know that these in checkout POS orders will withhold inventory from your admin until they are voided.

You will also be able to create a customized thank you message to print on your receipts for POS orders and POS buyorders.

Additionally you can set a logo that will print on your POS receipts.

For an overview of the Account > Store tab Click Here

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