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How to customize email templates which are sent to customers, for example when their order is shipped, a credit is received, etc.

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Feature Overview

The CrystalCommerce platform sends a variety of emails to customers when certain things happen, for example when a customer’s order changes status, their buylist order products were received, they got a credit for referring a friend, and so on.

You can customize some parts of these emails to be more relevant and accurate to your business policies and preferences.

IMPORTANT: Only some portions of each email template can be edited, due to some parts of the template requiring specific formatting, content, and dynamic variables which cannot be edited such as customer name.

How to customize emails

(1) You can reach the email customization feature two ways:

From Admin > Design > Sample emails, click the “Customize these emails” button, as shown below

or Directly at Admin > Account > Preferences > Custom Email, shown below

(2) Find the email you want to edit by expanding the appropriate accordion section, then scroll until you see the email.

(3) Click into the text area and edit the text as desired, then click “Save Changes.”

Notes and tips

Each email template must be saved individually as you edit them, one by one.

If you change your mind while editing, simply click “Cancel” and the text will revert either to the default text or to the previously customized text.

If an email text area has a “Restore Default” link below it, that means the email has previously been customized. Clicking that link will overwrite the custom text with the original, default text. This cannot be undone.

If the “Restore Default” link is not present below an email text area, the text shown is the default text.

After you save changes, if desired, you can review the email templates at Admin > Design > Sample emails, which will reflect your changes.

You cannot add any code to the email (HTML markup, CSS, JS, etc are prohibited)

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