Managing Navigation Links On Your Site

How to change the pages / links that are shown in your site's header and footer.

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Some newer websites give you the ability to manage which links are shown in the header, and some areas of the footer. Older sites, and some themes, may not have all of these features. Please also note that some links may be hard coded into your theme and may not be editable by you via the admin.

  1. View the MyTags info on your site by adding /?mytags to the end of the browser URL and press enter (See Figure A)

  2. The page will reload.

  3. If you receive an error then most likely you have an older site. In that case, please submit a design request with details of the navigation link updates you'd like.

  4. If you see some bright boxes with text that are overlaid on top of the site (see Figure B) then your site supports page link navigation management for at least some areas of the header and/or footer. 

  5. Find the overlay box for the navigation, if available, and it will tell you the Tag to use. For example, in Figure B, if you want to change the Quick Links, then you would use "store-links" page tag in the following steps. (Leave off the quotation marks)

  6. For the following steps, see Figure C.

  7. Go to the admin and go to Design > Site Pages > then click “Edit” for a page that you wish to add or remove from the specific navigation area.

  8. In the page editing interface, you will see a box that is labeled “Tags”. Add or remove the page tag (that you found earlier using MyTags) to add or remove that page from the nav area.

  9. Click "Save Page" so this change takes effect

  10. If there is a link in the navigation area which uses tags, but it does not have the tag on that page in the admin, then it is hard coded into your theme. Submit a design request with the details of the change needed and we will take a look.

Figure A

Figure B

Figure C

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