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eBay Orders in Awaiting Payment
eBay Orders in Awaiting Payment

ebay rounding issue. Awaiting payment eBay orders. eBay not fully paid for.

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If you are listing lot quantities of more than 1 to eBay, there is a rounding issue that can cause orders to show up in payment received status instead of ready to ship. Our system calculates the order total by multiplying the quantity of the items on the order by the individual item price. Sometimes, this can make the calculated total be higher than the amount actually paid, causing the order to go to awaiting payment status.

Here's an example of how it works:

  1. A lot of 4 of a card is posted to eBay with a price of $4.99 for the lot

  2. A customer purchases this lot, and the order comes into crystalcommerce

  3. Crystalcommerce calculates the individual price by dividing $4.99 by 4. 4.99/4 =  1.2475

  4. Because currency has to be to two decimal places, the 1.2475 gets rounded to $1.25 per item.

  5. The system takes that 1.25 and multiplies it by the quantity (4) to determine the order total. 1.25x4 = 5

  6. Because the order total is $5.00, and the customer actually paid $4.99, the order goes into awaiting payment status.

If you are selling lots of multiple quantities of cards on eBay, what we recommend is periodically checking your awaiting payment orders. eBay only sends us orders that have been paid for, so any eBay orders that show up there can be safely moved to Ready to Shipped status and sent out to the customer.

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