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Limitations when listing to eBay from Canada
Limitations when listing to eBay from Canada

Canadian eBay integration, Canada Post shipping rates, ebay listings in CAD currency.

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There are some limitations to using the eBay integration if you are in Canada. It is possible, but there are some quirks to it since our system is only designed to work when listing from the United States. Here's what you should know about listing to eBay from Canada with our system:

1. In the listing options, "domestic" shipping options mean shipping to the United States, even though you are based in Canada. The "international" shipping options are anything other than the United States, including Canada.

2. In order to list things successfully, shipping in the eBay template has to be set up a specific way. You must have at least one domestic and one international shipping option, and the "flat rate" box must be checked.

3. The shipping methods available in the template are only going to be for US shipping. We don't currently have Canadian shipping methods (or any other Canada-specific settings) available in our eBay integration. The only way to do it would be to select the shipping method(s) available in the template that you think most closely match the ones you are using.

4. Listings will always be in USD currency. There is no way currently to create eBay listings in our system that using CAD. This means if you have your cards priced in CAD, you'll want to set the store price multiplier in your eBay listing options accordingly.

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