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What is a website theme, what does it include, and how do I use it?

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What is it?

A website theme is basically a website design template. It includes the layout (header, footer, columns, etc), the widgets (banners, product displays, newsletter signup, etc), the styles (colors, fonts, etc), and a few other details.

Some themes are available in two versions, "Basic" and "Premium," while others are just Premium.

See examples and a list of features below, or shop for themes now on the store!





Designed for retailers with a primary focus on video games

What are the benefits?

If you’re like many other CrystalCommerce members, a website theme will be just fine to use as is, so it’s an excellent way to get your store up and running quickly. If you’re wanting more customization (for a bit more money), the theme will be a great foundation to work with.

What are the features and options?

Features and options vary depending on which theme you choose. In general, themes have some combination of items listed below, with some of the fancier widgets and pages being reserved for the “Premium” theme versions.

  • Slider banner or Mega Product display

  • Product grids, lists, carousels, and so forth

  • Static banner images (Leaderboard, Billboard, Square, etc.)

  • Navigation menus

  • Inventory Search with real-time “auto suggest”

  • Advanced Search

  • Buylist functionality (Optional)

  • Deckbuilder

  • Shopping Cart / Buylist Cart

  • Customer tools (Account creation, Sign In, Management, etc)

  • Category tree for browsing your inventory categories

  • Social media feeds (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc)

  • Social icon widget

  • Newsletter Signup form

  • News feed or blog RSS feed

  • Google Calendar Events Feed

  • Accepted Payments icons (PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, etc, according to your admin settings)

  • Store contact info (Address, Phone, Store Hours, etc)

  • Wizards of The Coast Authorized Internet Retailer Logo (if applicable)

  • Copyright notice

  • Contact Us page with contact form

Please note that a required CrystalCommerce logo and link will be present at the bottom right corner of your website.

Additional Notes

  • If desired, you can do some basic customization of styles using CSS, from your website’s admin area. You can read more about that, including some important precautions, in our Help Center Article about the Appearance Tab

  • You can edit and manage many of your theme’s banners, product displays, contact info, and other elements from your admin. See other Help Center Articles as needed.

How do I use it?

When you join as a CrystalCommerce member, your chosen theme will be installed for you.

In some cases, a designer will customize the colors of the theme to match your logo and brand.

If needed, a designer will contact you to get any other information required to finish the set up, which is typically the case if you purchase add-on widgets, features, or a custom design.

How do I get a website theme?

To browse and purchase available website themes, check out the CrystalCommerce store!

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