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Your Online Store's Deal of the Day Widget
Your Online Store's Deal of the Day Widget

What is the Deal of the Day widget and how do I use it?

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What is it?

The Deal of the Day (Dailydeal) widget allows you to showcase one product each day, along with a countdown timer to increase the feeling of urgency to buy.

There are several versions of the Deal of the Day widget. This is the original, basic version.

Other versions include the Daily Deal Wide (better for full-width website pages), and the Daily Deal Premium (more features and ease-of-use for a full-month’s or week’s worth of deals).

What are the benefits?

  • Draw increased attention to a particular product that you would like to sell more of.

  • Increase the urgency to buy due to the countdown timer.

What are the features and options?

  • Heading Title (ex: “Deal of the Day”)

  • Button text (ex: “View”)

How do I use it?

  • Confirm which tagname is set for the widget by using the mytags feature (see related articles section)

  • For this basic Deal of the Day widget, the tagname will follow this format: [tagname] for [d]-[m]-[yy] (see example scenario below)

  • In your inventory area of the admin, find the products you’d like to feature

  • Add the appropriate tags to the products, adjusting the date portion for each successive tag.

  • Remember to save your changes for each product that you edit

  • There may be a delay of several minutes before the tagged item displays in the widget, due to our caching system.

Example Tagging Scenario

Imagine that you want to tag deals for 3 days.

You check the mytags and find that the tag is: deal for 5-4-18.

You would then tag one product with deal for 5-4-18, one with deal for 5-5-18, and one with deal for 5-6-18.

On each of those dates, the appropriate tagged product will automatically display in the Deal of the Day widget.

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