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Your Online Store's Pop-up Modal Window Widget
Your Online Store's Pop-up Modal Window Widget

What is the Pop-up Modal, and how do I use it?

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What is it?

The pop up modal is a small window that will display on your website when the page loads, in which you can show a custom message.

What are the benefits?

Draw attention to an important message that you don’t want website visitors to miss

What are the features and options?

  • It remembers when someone clicks the close button (X) so they don’t see the message repeatedly (it does this using browser cookies)

  • The content of the modal window pulls from a site page in your admin, called 'modal'

How do I use it?

  • Sign in to your website admin

  • Go to “Design” > “Site Pages”

  • Find the “modal” page and click “edit”

  • Update the page content as desired

  • Click “Save Page”

  • To preview your updates, refresh the webpage*

*If you’ve already closed the modal, your browser has stored a cookie, so you won’t be able to see the modal again. If you’d like to see the modal again anyway, you will have to manually delete the cookie, and then reload the page. The process for deleting cookies will vary depending on which browser you’re using. You may search the internet for up-to-date instructions for whatever browser and version you’re using.

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