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Your Online Store's Enhanced Buylist Search and Category Widget
Your Online Store's Enhanced Buylist Search and Category Widget

What is the enhanced buylist search feature?

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What is it?

This adds two buylist search methods directly onto your main buylist landing page, making it easier for customers to find the items they are looking for.

Initial Layout, showing the Quick Search and Step-by-step Category Search

What are the benefits?

  • The buylist search is more prominent on the main buylist page

  • The customer can choose which search method they prefer

  • Your buylist page content is contained in a hidden modal popup, thereby leaving more space for the search widget and any additional product displays you have

What are the features and options?

  • Single-page process which loads search results without reloading the page

  • Includes two different search methods. (1) Quick search, (2) Step-by-step category search

  • “How to use” pop-up window which contains your buylist page content (editable in your admin)

  • Customer can switch the product results layout from list, to grid, to detail view

  • Product results have a 1-click “Sell” button so customer can stay on the same page and search more

  • Responsive/mobile device friendly layout

Example of a completed Step-by-step Category Search (with List View results)

Example of Grid View (Customer may toggle between Grid, List, and Detail views)

How do I use it?

Everything is automatic with this widget. All you need to do is ensure that your buylist inventory is always up-to-date.

Important Notes:

  • Your product Category Tree must follow recommended format to use this widget

  • This widget is Included when you purchase one of our Premium Themes

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