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What is the news post feed? How do it I update it and write posts?

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What is it?

The News Post Feed displays the “News Posts” from your admin area, in either a Grid or List format, on your website.

News Post Feed example - Grid Format

News Post Feed example - List Format

What are the benefits?

  • Communicate important announcements, news, sales, blog posts, etc.

  • Content is directly on your website, so it’s good for SEO

  • You control the content

What are the features and options?

  • Grid or List format (Set during website installation, varies depending on your chosen website theme)

  • Integrated directly into your website and admin

  • Quick and easy to use

  • WYSIWYG editor (Simple formatting, such as bold, italic, lists, colored text, etc)

  • HTML editor for advanced users

  • Automatically displays the first image from your post (if any)

How do I use it?

To get to the News Posts area:

Log in to your admin

Go to “Advertising” > “News Posts”

To manage posts:

To edit an existing post, click the “edit” link

To delete an existing post, click the “x” icon

To create a new post, click the “+” icon

The News Post editing screen

Use the WYSIWYG editor, or for more advanced capabilities, the HTML editor

To add an image to your news post:

Currently, you cannot directly upload an image into the news post.

Instead, you’ll need to host the image on another service, such as imgur or google.

Then paste the image embed link into your news post.

The first image in the post is the one that will be displayed in the news post widget.

Image notes:

  • Make sure the image is not too large, as it may slow down page load time

  • Make sure the image is not too small, or it may be blurry when displayed in the news post widget

  • Do not "hotlink" to images on other sites. There are numerous reasons why it's bad to do that. 

  • Make sure you are not committing copyright infringement - speak to a lawyer if you need advice.

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