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How to use your gallery widget

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The photo gallery gives you the ability to add photos of your store and any events you host. 

A gallery is a great way to help users know you have a great fan base, and what your store is all about. It's recommended that any company have at least 6 photos of their business.

Galleries can be placed on your homepage, about us page, or just a gallery page. If your theme does not already come with it then you may need to purchase it as an addition. Photo Gallery Widget

It's very simple to use, all you need to do is find your 'Photo Gallery' folder in your inventory, and add images (products) to it, the same way you do your banners in Banner Manager.

You do not need to add any tags, as we've made it easy by calling to this folder and grabbing the images, the images are then displayed according to the newest to oldest.

For the titles be sure to add them into the Alt text field of your product.


  • Social sharing with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.

  • Responsive grid layout for any size screen.

  • Modal pop-up window on click.

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