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What are Custom Landing Pages and how to I edit them?

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What is it?

We offer a variety of pages for your website which can help you get more sales, preorders, create Holiday promos, or put a focus on a particular product line you’re trying to move. Check out our Landing Pages to see what’s available!

What are the benefits?

  • Increased sales and Preorders

  • Create buzz around a special sale or theme (when used in tandem with social media or newsletter)

What are the features and options?

Some of the landing page types we offer are:

  • Holiday Promos (Cyber Monday, New Year, Halloween, etc.)

  • Deal of the Day Promo

  • Clearance Promo

  • Category Promos (Board Games, RPG, Accessories, and so on)

Features and design will vary depending on which page you choose.

Some of the features that may be included are:

  • Various product displays such as carousels and grids

  • Banner images

  • Page graphics / background images

How do I use it?

The primary thing you’ll do to manage your landing page is to tag the products in your admin that you’d like to feature in the different product displays. For more info on product tagging, please see

How do I get a landing page for my online store?

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