Disconnected eBay Listings

Items sold on eBay that don't update your inventory. Potential cause for eBay oversells.

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If you sell on eBay, one thing you may run into is an eBay listing that becomes disconnected from your inventory. The listing may have been synced original from your CrystalCommerce admin, but somewhere along the line that sync was broken. This means that price or quantity updates won't update the listing.

How do I Spot a Disconnected eBay Listing?
The easiest way to spot a disconnected eBay listing is after it has been ordered. On the list of line items in the order there is a column named "Remaining". Normally it will have a hyperlink saying how many are left in inventory that leads to the product on your inventory page when clicked. Here's an example of this link:

eBay orders with disconnected listings will not have this hyperlink, and show up like this instead:

What do I do when I find a disconnected listing?

If you find an order with a disconnected eBay listing, we recommend logging directly into your account on ebay.com. Go to my eBay, search for the listing for that product, and end the listing.

In your crystalcommerce inventory, search for that product in your inventory, and manually reduce the quantity that was on the order.

After you've done both of those, if you still have any in stock, search for the item on your eBay stores page in crystalcommerce, and test the "view" link. If it links to an inactive eBay listing, you will want to de-sync it, and then sync it again.

How do disconnected eBay listings occur?

While we don't know every reason why eBay listings can get disconnected, there is one situation we know of that will cause them.

It can happen when you sell out of a product on eBay, and the customer doesn't pay for the order. If you cancel the order, and have eBay automatically relist the items in it, the relisted items will no longer be connected to crystalcommerce. The reason is because they are being created directly through eBay, and not through our system.

To prevent this, you will need to go into your eBay settings, and make sure that you disable the setting to automatically resist items on cancelled orders.

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