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Now that you are familiar with the parts of your Inventory tab, make sure the prices and quantities of our products are accurate. Use Mass Create or Batch Update to quickly create your inventory online and in your physical location. Do the manual price changes on really special items that need your attention. 

If you are wondering where to begin, try starting your inventory with your best selling products. This guarantees that the ones you put upfront when you launch will most likely sell and most sought after by fans. 

Continue to back fill your inventory with your other products as you use the system. The more you use the system the faster you will be on inputting products and updating prices and quantity. Remember, CrystalCommerce does not update your prices automatically, the price is in your control. We provide the suggested market prices based on sell prices and not actual sales. In the near future, the Market Price (Beta), which is based on actual sales, will be available for the batch update function in the admin. 

At some point, you should train your team to use the system as well or lead them to these articles. If you are just starting, try to get about 1000 SKUs in the system with prices and quantity. That's a good starter. 

If you have established your inventory, your next stop should be changing your website. 

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