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First of all, thank you for being part of the CrystalCommerce community. 

Now, let's launch your store as soon as possible! To do that, your involvement in changing your website and establishing your inventory is crucial. How soon you can launch your brand in your local area and online is directly proportionate on how active you are on making the changes in your admin. If you move fast then the website will be launched sooner, if you move slow then it will be launched later.

The goal of these training articles is to allow you to navigate the system independently, make changes, and launch your store as soon as possible. If anything is unclear contact your onboarder or our support team. In your admin, you also have our Help Center that provides you with articles to help you through. 

In the Basic Onboarding Articles, you will learn to:

  1. Change your account settings

  2. Set up your account so you can receive payments on your website

  3. Import product data from our catalog to your inventory

  4. Add product quantities and prices to your imported product data using Mass Create or Batch Update

  5. Organize your website and prepare it for selling online

  6. Process orders using the Orders tab in the admin

So let's get started! Follow the articles and make changes to your admin.

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