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How to desync your eBay listings
How to desync your eBay listings

Delisting or desync your eBay products or listings from eBay, desyncing individual listings or multiple listings

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Desyncing individual listings

In order to delist your ebay listings, the easiest way is to find your product by searching for you.  

When you find the product, hit the 'manage' button to expand the selection.
To delist, uncheck the 'On eBay Stores?' option.
Finally, sync the data with the 'Sync to eBay Store' button to delist the product.

Desyncing multiple listings

This is similar to the above steps, but the initial step is slightly different:
First, use the advanced search option instead.  Let's use 'Dice Masters' as the example:

  1. Make sure you choose the product type of the products you are trying to delist, in our example, we chose 'Dice Master Singles'

  2. Under the Variant Specific Filters, choose All the conditions.  We've chosen All, Unplayed and Played.

  3. Under the 'There are xx in stock', choose greater than ( > ) 0.

  4. For the option that says 'Currently on eBay' select Yes.

We do these steps so that, when we get the list of products to appear, they are already expanded to show the checkbox.

If we did not do the steps above, you can still get a list of your products to appear, but you would need to hit the manage button on each of your products to make the 'On eBay Stores' checkbox to appear.

Instead of unchecking each line item, you can hit a blue link called 'Deselect All'

Then just Sync to eBay Store to delist your products from eBay.

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