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How to put your website into maintenance/vacation mode
How to put your website into maintenance/vacation mode

How to put your site on hold or stop customer's placing orders while you are away or on vacation.

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If you need to go away from the store for a short period of time, or would like to momentarily pause direct website sales, you can put the website on hold or in maintenance mode.

Here are a couple of things you can do:

1: Disable Checkout: In your admin, under Account > Frontend, there is a check box to 'Disable Checkout'.  This will enable you to still allow customers to view your website and view your products, but not be able to complete online purchases while you are away.

2. Message on the home page: You can also display a message on your home page so that, when your customers visit your site, they can be made aware that you are away.  You could even update your slider banner to mention that you are away too.

You message can be entered by going to Design > Site Pages and then locating your site page called 'home'.  Here, you can add a message to your 'content' section:

To make your website look like this:

Using the site pages, you can also create a brand new site page that references that you are away and have that appear as the first page on your website.  
If you wanted this custom page to be the first page that appears on your website, under Account > Frontend, find the drop down option called 'Site Homepage' and change this to your custom site page that you created.

Alternatively, we can also force your site into maintenance mode.  If you would like us to do this, please let our support representative know.  Please note, in order to then come out of maintenance mode, you would need to get in touch with our support representative again.

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