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Opt Qty, Max Qty, and Reserved Qty
Opt Qty, Max Qty, and Reserved Qty

The difference between Opt Qty, Max Qty, and Reserved Qty. When to use opt qty (buylist), max qty (order limit( and reserved qty (backup).

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Utilizing your Optimum Quantity, Maximum Quantity, and Reserved Quantity are all very important. These three are explained in some detail below:

Optimum Quantity: This number indicates the quantity of a card that you would like to have in stock. Opt Qty is required for a card to appear on your buylist. When actual quantity is less than your preset Opt Qty, that product will appear on your buylist.

Max Quantity: The greatest quantity of a single product that you would like your customers to be able to purchase in a single order. This is usually set to avoid a single customer from being able to buy out your entire stock of a product. Note that a product with a negative max qty will show up as out of stock.

Reserved Quantity: The quantity you would like to reserve for in-store sales. If you have 10 of a specific product, but want to always keep 2 in your physical store, you would set the Reserved Qty to 2, and only 8 would appear in-stock online.

Opt Qty, your Max Qty, and Reserved Qty Training Video

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