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Dashboard Sales Graph Reports
Dashboard Sales Graph Reports

How to change and read the different views of the sales graph on the dashboard and what they mean.

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When viewing the Dashboard page in your admin, you can view the sales graph to get a snapshot of what your sales are for the past 30 days. Below the graph, you can set a custom date range. Above the graph, under the "Report" dropdown, you can view the following different graphs:

Daily Revenue: This is the default sales graph, which will display the gross revenue.

Category Revenue: This will help you see what you are selling the most of based on your categories. Because this graph can only look at the line items of the orders within the date range, it can't take into account things that affect the overall revenue like refunds, shipping, or tax. Because of this, the Category Revenue graph will often display a different sales total than the Daily Revenue graph.

Payment Break Down: This graph looks at all of your orders and examine the payment methods your orders have been paid with. This will show you where the majority of your money comes from.

Order Break Down: This shows you what sales channels orders are being placed from. This will tell you where you're generating majority of your sales.

Daily Shipped: This will show you the dollar amounts of the orders that you shipped each day.

With both the Daily Revenue and Category Revenue graphs, you can click on the bars to view more specific information. If you click on the bar for one of the days on the daily revenue graph, it will display the category revenue for that day. If you click on one of the bar for one of the categories, it will display the subcategories underneath it, or a graph of the products within it if it is a destination category.

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