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Dashboard - The Communicator Inbox
Dashboard - The Communicator Inbox

How to use the communicator inbox on the dashboard page in the admin.

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The Communicator Inbox is located on the first page you see when you log in to your Crystal Commerce admin: the Dashboard page. This is a place where you can assign tasks and communicate with your employees as well as a place where you can check through your different eBay messages and respond to them.

Internal Messaging:

Like most email clients, the "Compose Message" button allows you to send a new message. You may choose to send a message to any user name specifically, or you may choose to send a message to everyone by typing in "all." Messages can have a due date assigned, as a way to assign tasks to admin users.

eBay Messaging Management:

The following messages are pulled in to your Communicator Inbox from eBay. They are all still visible in your eBay admin, but they will be marked as read.

  • Potential Spam

  • eBay Feedback

  • eBay Messages

  • eBay Offers

  • eBay Questions

  • eBay System Messages

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