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Frequently asked questions about how eBay orders come into the admin and move through our system.

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How do Auctions move through the system?

Auctions that have sold will show up on your orders page just like any other order. Once you ship them and mark them as shipped, they will automatically get marked as shipped in your eBay account as well.

When does inventory for an eBay order get removed from the CC admin?

It depends on what kind of order:

For auctions - the quantity is removed as soon as the auction is created.

For store listings - the quantity is removed as soon as the order is placed and eBay notifies our system of the sale. This often occurs before the entire order populates the Orders page in the admin.

When do eBay orders come into the CC admin?

Only eBay orders that are fully paid for and are in 'ready to ship' status in your eBay account come into the admin. This occurs as soon as our system gets the notification from eBay, which can be right after the order is placed, or in some cases it can take an hour or two.

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