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Guidelines for Going Live with the POS
Guidelines for Going Live with the POS

What are the basic requirements for using the POS?

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  1. Have some prices and quantities entered into your Inventory. Since the same inventory is used for all sales channels, including the POS, you'll want to make sure you are able to search for items in your POS and have it display an accurate count of them.

  2. Set up which credit card system you will be using in the POS settings.
    If you process credit cards, you'll need one of the following options:

  • Magnetic Strip Reader – requires an in-store/card present account. This is a separate account from the account used for your direct website.

  • Card Terminal – choose this option if you will be running Credit Card Charges through a terminal separate from our system.

  • Card Not Present – this will run credit card transactions through the same card not present account as your website checkout.

   3. Have a Receipt Printer and a Cash Drawer setup with your computer. Since the POS is web based, it can't directly tell a cash drawer to open. You'll want to have your receipt printer preferences set up so that printing a receipt triggers the cash drawer to open. 

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