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Amazon 401 Errors in Notifications
Amazon 401 Errors in Notifications

What to do if you see the "401 Unauthorized" Amazon error on your notifications page

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The following error may show up repeatedly on your notifications page:

"AmazonMWS integration disabled We Are Working on It !!! : 401 Unauthorized"

This error appears when the Amazon integration is enabled on our end, but disabled on Amazon's side. If you see this error appearing in your notifications, you'll want to do one of the following depending on your situation:

  1. If you need to have the Amazon integration active, go into your Amazon seller account, and make sure that everything is set up correctly there and that it isn't disabled.

  2. If you do not intend to sell on Amazon (either permanently or temporarily), contact support. We will disable the integration in your account prefs on our end, which will prevent this error from showing up in the future.  

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