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Warmachine/Hordes Variants and Descriptors
Warmachine/Hordes Variants and Descriptors

Variants and descriptors for Warmachine and Hordes.

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  • Descriptors/Variants Values cannot be copied/pasted as a list of comma-separated values; they must be entered into the values field individually.

- Descriptors/Variants expecting arbitrary values (like an artist's name) are left blank. These Descriptors/Variants must be entered into the product type with nothing in the values field.

Variant              Value(s)
Condition         Unplayed Figure Loose, Played Figure Loose, Unplayed Figure in Box

Descriptor        Value(s)
Main Cat
Model Count
PIP Code
Sub Cat
Unit Type
Note: The Descriptors and Variants for both Hordes and Warmachine are the same.

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