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I do not see my products for sale on TCGplayer
I do not see my products for sale on TCGplayer

I think my products are not showing for sale on TCGplayer. They should be listed. How do I check?

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A common question we receive is, "I cannot see my products for sale on TCGplayer. Where are they?". Since sometimes there can be up to 500 sellers at one time for a single product, it can be hard to find your individual listing via browsing their site like a customer. Notice below how only the cheapest 3 sellers are shown and 131 other sellers are hidden:

But where are the rest of the sellers listed? To see the rest of the prices, hit "See More Prices". A list will be displayed on a new page which looks like this:

From here, you can scroll through the list to find out if you are indeed listed as a seller. Alternatively, you can log into TCGplayer's website and check your seller portal. Here, you can see a list of all of the items that you currently have listed. Finally, the Seller Search on TCGplayer is a great way to only view products from a specific seller. In this case, select your own company, then hit search. Your products will be displayed!

If you still cannot find your product on TCGplayer but it should be listed, please contact CrystalCommerce Support via live chat and we will assist. 

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