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How to Print an Inventory Report
How to Print an Inventory Report

How to print your buylist, an out of stock report, or any inventory search (e.g. physical inventory, wishlist report or out of stock report)

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While there isn't a way to print an inventory report directly from our system, you can export it to a csv file. If you open the file in excel, you can remove any unnecessary information, and then print it from there.

For example, let's say we want to print out a report of everything on our buylist. To do that, we'll go to the Inventory > Products page, check the box for "Currently on Buylist", and then export to csv:

When it completes, download the file from your Notifications > Generated Reports page. Then open it in excel.

In excel, you'll want to remove any columns you don't need (like URL, Barcode, and any others). Do any additional formatting, and print the spreadsheet from excel. I'd recommend printing one page at first to make sure it's formatted the way you want. Then go ahead and print the whole list.

Here are some suggestions of inventory reports you may want to export and print:

  1. Wishlisted Items: Use the "Wishes between" filter and export to get a list of the products on customers' wishlists

  2. Recently sold products: Use the "in the past __ days, > X qty sold" filter.

  3. Out of stock products: Use the "total qty between" filter. You can combine this with the recently sold products to see what has sold recently that you are out of, which would be a good list of products that you'll want to restock.

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