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If you need help importing Star Wars Destiny Singles
If you need help importing Star Wars Destiny Singles

How to create a new product type for Star Wars Destiny Singles, descriptors needed

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If you have obtained Star Wars Destiny Singles to sell in your store, but are having problems importing them into your system, it may be because you don't have the appropriate Star Wars Destiny Singles product type.

To check (and create it if necessary), locate your product type tab via Inventory > Types.

From here, search for the product type called Star Wars Destiny Singles.  If you have it, make sure the descriptors match the following or create the product type with these descriptors:

For a full rundown of how to create your product types, please see this article.


  • Affiliation

  • Card Number

  • Card Type

  • Color

  • Faction

  • Health

  • Point Values

  • Rarity

  • Set

  • Special Abilities

For the condition variants, you may use:
Lightly Played
Moderately Played
Heavy Play

Make sure you also select the official catalog options with the dropdown options.

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