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How to Create eBay Store Listings
How to Create eBay Store Listings

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After you finish setting up your eBay integration and created your listing option (template), it is time to list your inventory in eBay.

1. Go to Channels > eBay 

2. Click on "Stores"

Note: You may see a yellow warning message appear at the top of your eBay > Stores page. This isn't anything to worry about, and just means you need to select listing options manually, which we will get to in step 10.

3. Click "Advanced Search"

4. Under "Product Specific Filters" select the Product Type & Category

5. Select any other search filters
For example, you can filter by descriptors (like rarity) or price.

6. Select the Variant Specific Filters
Highlight the conditions and languages you want to bring up in the search. We also recommend using the qty filter to find conditions that have greater than 0 in stock.

7. Click the "Advanced search" button below the filters.

8. Select Which Products to Sync
Either click "select all" or pick and choose which products to list by clicking the check box below "on eBay stores?" 

9. Set Lot Quantities
Use the "set all quantities" button to set all lot quantities on the page, or set them individually for each product. The lot qty is 1 by default, so in most cases you will only need to change it if you are listing lower value products that should be sold in groups. For example, you could enter a lot qty of 4 to sell the cards in playsets.

10. Select Listing Options
Choose an eBay option from the "Use options" dropdown if you don't want to use the default listing option, or if there is no default listing option.

11. Click "Sync to eBay Store" to list the selected products on the current page.

12. If applicable, go to the next page of search results and repeat steps 8-11.

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