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A product is not syncing to TCGPlayer
A product is not syncing to TCGPlayer

What to do if a product you have is not syncing to TCGPlayer

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There are only some products that list to TCGPlayer.  Please click here for the full list.

If you notice that a product you have in your admin is not syncing to TCGPlayer, here are a few steps to check:

  1. Make sure the item is not set to in store only.

  2. Make sure the reserve quantity isn't set so that the product cannot be listed on TCGPlayer (Please see this link regarding more information on the reserve quantity).

  3. Make sure the category that the product appears in is not hidden.

  4. Make sure the product type of the product is set up correctly (Please see this link for more information).

You can also try to re-sync the product over.

  1. Try to edit the price of a product by 1 cent.  By changing the price of the product, this causes the product to being a new sync to TCGPlayer.

  2. If you have a whole category of products to re-sync over to TCGPlayer, you can also hide the whole category and un-hide it.  This also causes a re-sync.

If it important to keep an eye on your TCGPlayer channel:

If the products are waiting to be synced over, the awaiting sync number will be greater than 0.  That number should dwindle down to 0 when nothing is in the queue to be synced over to TCGPlayer.

The syncing queue will go up if products are going over to TCGPlayer.

If all these steps do not work, and you also notice that on TCGPlayer, there aren't any other Crystalcommerce members also selling these products, please let the support team know who will liaise with TCGPlayer to get these products synced up.

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