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Changing the category of multiple items using Mass Create
Changing the category of multiple items using Mass Create

I want to change the category for a group of items, but this takes too much time. Is there another way?

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To change the location of a product, normally you would hit 'Edit' on the product and then select a new category in the dropdown list. This is not an acceptable solution if you are moving a large number of products, as it would take a very long period of time. 

We can get around this by using the Mass Create feature. Using a .CSV spreadsheet, we can make a match by SKU, and then use a category column to tell the system what category we would like to move the product to. 

Here are the steps:

  1. Search up the products you would like to move from the Inventory tab. Then, hit Export to CSV. Open the exported CSV and remove all columns except "SKU" and "Category". We will only be using these two columns. Make sure any items that you want to move have a SKU assigned, as that is necessary. Your export should look similar to this after you have trimmed it down:

2. Upload this CSV into your system using the Mass Create tool. It will look for the unique manufacturer sku, and then move the item in the new category. This is the only way to move products in a group using our system. 

*Keep in mind the Product Type when moving items into new categories, we do not recommend moving products into a category with different product types.

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