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Amazon error 13013 when attempting to list products
Amazon error 13013 when attempting to list products

Potential ways to solve error 13013 if it shows up when you are attempting to list products to Amazon

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If you are listing products from a product line to Amazon for the first time, you may encounter the following error message:

"Errors: Error 13013: We're unable to complete your request because this SKU is not in the Amazon catalog. If this was a deleted SKU, wait 24 hours before resubmitting it. If you tried to add this SKU to the Amazon catalog before, check your data and correct any errors before resubmitting."

While this error could be referring to an issue with the SKU on Amazon's end, there is a potential reason for it on our side you'll want to check out. That reason is that the condition mapping isn't properly set up in the product type.

To fix it:

First, delist the products you had attempted to list to Amazon.
Then, go to your Inventory > Types page. Select the appropriate product type from the list.
Under the conditions, there will be a mapping table. The error will occur if the Amazon conditions are blank, like this:

You'll want to fill them in, using the appropriate Amazon conditions and then click "Save Product Type". For any TCG singles product type, the "Collectible" Amazon conditions should be used. For example:

Once you've saved that, try posting your Amazon listings again, and they should list to Amazon successfully.

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