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Submit bugs, feature requests, and ideas for our products & services via the Ideas Portals
Submit bugs, feature requests, and ideas for our products & services via the Ideas Portals

I have a great idea about how you can improve your services. How do I submit it?

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Need to submit a bug report? Have ideas for improving the current admin? Or have ideas for new features that would give you more power, save time, increase profits, or improve the user experience for you or your customers?

If so, the Ideas Portal is what you need! After you log in to the Ideas Portal (see links below), you will be able to browse and search existing ideas, upvote them, and submit your own ideas for consideration!

Please note that we are attempting to halt use of the old Ideas Portal, in favor of the new portals we made which pertain to specific aspects and features of our system. The new, separate portals will keep things more organized and easy to navigate and manage.

Please follow the instructions below when submitting ideas:

  • Please make sure you're submitting to the correct portal based on the topic

  • Please give a unique and clear title which summarizes the idea

  • Please add a clear description with plenty of detail about your idea

  • If possible, please include images / screenshots / links to examples, etc

  • Basically, submit the idea with as much info as possible to help us understand it

  • Please subscribe to your idea for updates, collaboration, communication, etc


LEGACY System Ideas Portals

The legacy system is the current system as of 2021-10.

Legacy BUGS Ideas Portal

Report current system bugs (NOT feature ideas, UX, design, etc - see next portal)
This includes anything that worked before but isn't working now, or anything specific that otherwise is not working the way it should.

Legacy UX / Improvements Ideas Portal (admin, and store website)

Submit ideas for the current legacy system admin user experience, features, website themes and features (NOT bugs - use the separate bug portal for those)

This can include ideas for changing the interface and how things work, adding enhancements that would make your life easier, and so on.

Note that some ideas may be moved to new admin or other portals as we see fit.

If something broke, please report in the bugs portal instead.

POS Ideas Portal
Submit ideas for Point of Sale (this is inclusive of legacy and the future POS redesign)


NEW system Ideas Portals

NOTE: As of 2021-10, the new system has not yet released. However, we are still interested in your ideas because they will help us create the roadmap and ensure the new system meets your needs.

NEW Admin Ideas Portal

Submit ideas for the NEW admin / future admin

The ideas can be about anything you'd expect to see or do in an admin, business tools, features, inventory management, and plenty more.

This is your chance to help us build the absolute best possible ecommerce management system that will fulfill all of your expectations, and more!

NEW Marketplaces (Shopping) Ideas Portal
Submit ideas for the marketplace, which will be a shopping hub with all member inventory and a global checkout - think "Amazon" or "TCG Player"
This includes the browsing / shopping experience, checkout, etc

Pricing Tool Ideas Portal

Submit ideas for features to control pricing automatically based on rules / logic / etc

What are the ultimate magical abilities you wish you had for pricing your inventory?

What would save you time and increase your profits? Let us know here!

Site Builder Ideas Portal

Submit ideas for the "website builder" which will let you design your own website

Ideas can be about widgets, features, design and styling tools, theme options, etc.

Let your imagination run wild!

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