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TCGplayer Overview and Setup Instructions
TCGplayer Overview and Setup Instructions

How to set up a TCGPlayer sync account, as well as an overview of the TCGPlayer integration

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CrystalCommerce offers continuous sync with . The integration will import and receive your TCGplayer orders as they are placed and deduct any associated quantities from your inventory. The integration will also automatically push an update to TCGplayer when any change to price or quantity occurs, or when an update to a TCGplayer order occurs from within CrystalCommerce.

The account TCGPlayer will setup for you is called a Sync account.

Please note:

  • TCGplayer does not allow seller ratings to be ported over to new Direct Seller accounts. All Direct Seller accounts will begin with no seller ratings.

  • Only businesses located in the United States may sell on the TCGPlayer platform.

The Direct Sellers account comes with several benefits as detailed in this article.

Here are the associated TCGplayer Direct Seller fees as of August 2020:

To begin the TCGPlayer Direct Seller account setup process, click the button below and fill out all the necessary information.

Be sure to include your CrystalCommerce website and admin URL in the following format:

An exmaple of the TCGplayer signup form.

After submitting this form, TCGPlayer will be in direct contact with you via email to provide you their Terms of Services. Make sure to provide the best possible contact information! For example, in Gmail you would check the Promotions, Updates, Spam, and All Mail folders for possible emails if you do not see it in your inbox. Check your rules and filters to make sure you can receive emails from TCGPlayer. Make sure that you check all possible destination folders for their email as well. 

If you have an existing account with TCGPlayer, please differentiate the Contact Email Address that you provide CrystalCommerce compared to the email address that TCGPlayer have. This is how TCGPlayer will differentiate the CrystalCommerce Sync Account from the account that you currently have with TCG Player. The Paypal Email Address can be identical to the current TCGPlayer account. 

One of the benefits of a TCGPlayer Sync Account is that you can have unlimited listings right away without having to work through any seller levels.

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